Worship Team

Worship Team Ministry

Praising and Honoring God with Our Voices, Instruments, and Technical Skills

In our musical worship at Highland Park Church we desire to praise and honor God with our voices, instruments, and technical skills. We believe that God is worthy of all praise and desire to respond to the grace and mercy lavished on us in salvation through His Son, Jesus Christ, and the incredible gift of the indwelling Holy Spirit in our singing as a congregation. The Worship Team ministry serves the congregation each Sunday morning proclaiming truth in musical worship. There are a variety of areas in which you may serve and if you are interested in more information about serving in Worship Team Ministry please contact the church office or email our Worship Coordinator, Sue Christensen.


Using the vocal talents and abilities with which God has blessed them, the vocal team serves the congregation each week in corporate worship as they lead in singing. This team practices every Thursday evening as a group.

Band Member

The worship band incorporates a variety of instruments including piano, keyboard, percussion, guitar, bass and other instruments that the team members are skilled to play. This team practices every Thursday evening as a group.

Video Production

The video team prepares and runs the screen on Sunday morning. They are responsible for the input of song lyrics, sermon notes and manage other video/projection needs as they serve the congregation. This team meets on Thursday evening during the vocal/band rehearsal.

Sound Technician

The sound team is a vital part of the music ministry and clearly demonstrates that there is an art to producing beautiful music that every worshipper can hear and enjoy. They record the service each week and are responsible for the live feed on Sunday morning. They rehearse with the other teams on Thursday evening.